Air Travel

Wilson County Courthouse

Image by jimmywayne via Flickr


I’ll be traveling by air across the country from West to East tomorrow.  Should this prove to be a disaster please don’t send cards and flowers.  Instead make a sizable donation to a charity of your choice and make sure it is tax-deductible for Pete’s Sake!

I know, I know, how macabre of me!

Given all the coverage about boarding procedures I am wondering what my experience will be. Will I forever be damaged by a ‘pat-down’ or the ‘new gizmo’  X-ray machine?  Are either of these really intrusive to my person?  I actually think not but I have yet to experience them first hand so I’ll have to let you know after I do.

Other thoughts running through my mind: Are they actually worried I’ll be carting something illegal? (the thought they might, given my aversion to danger, leaves me in stitches)  Is my body wash, hair shampoo or hair conditioner still believed to be illegal contraband these days?  (please can’t I slip the full bottle into my bag!)  Exactly what do they mean by one carry on and one purse?  My purse is pretty big!  I can fit a lot of stuff into my purse, like shampoo and conditioner!

And there is the thought of how I will survive the Ms.Gabby person next to me.  I always get someone who wants to tell me their life’s story blow-by-blow.  Sometimes I wonder what I look like:  Perhaps a female priest or Mother Theresa incarnate.  It always happens.  Without fail.  And I don’t like it but I am too nice not to have the conversation with them.

“God will reward you one day for being nice, you’ll see”

“Yes, Grandma” I would reply.  But, I’d have my fingers crossed behind my back!

I am nearly packed.  This evening I will finish things up and be ready for what tomorrow morning brings.  I may arrive at the air port far before my check-in time.  I’ll have my book to read if this is the case, but . . . .I’d rather be squeezed for time, just a little to make the waiting to be less.

So, tomorrow late I will land in North Carolina.  The following week I will have lunch with a dear old friend at a café near the courthouse (which is on the national registrar as many buildings in the downtown area are) where we both worked, she inside for over thirty years and me for a prominent attorney who always dressed in the traditional southern gentleman attire of vested suit and highly polished shoes and looked like he’d just stepped out of the pages of Gentleman’s Quarterly.  I will have hug time with my children and grandchildren.  I’ll check on my eighty-six year old mother.  I’ll laugh with friends.  And, I’ll eat too more ‘fried’ than I should although I have promised myself that I will watch my figure!  And, I’ll welcome wearing some of those sweaters I own laying stacked inside my sweater chest just waiting to be put on again. I will enjoy every fiber of every sweater!  I’ve been cold lately.  California is cold to me these days.  I am sure North Carolina is warmer! Right?

Now to finish packing!





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