Christmas Lights of North Carolina

Christmas lights

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I arrived at New Bern, NC airport ahead of the scheduled time due to strong tail winds.  One layover in Atlanta for less than an hour gave enough time to eat a super of baked white fish, greens & sweet potatoes from “a southern tradition” (this is their advertisement under their name, not mine!) for a price I would never have paid except that I was starving and do not enjoy ‘fast food’ (very yucky food!) and was, quite frankly, hungry for southern cooking.

From San Francisco, California to Atlanta, Georgia I sat next to a young man from San Francisco taking his first airplane flight ever!  I asked him if he’d ever been on a roller-coaster. (I know, I know! Shame on me)  He said yes and I said: Well there! You’ll be fine.  The devil made me do it! I aware!  And, of course, he was fine.  We talked the entire flight. Well, actually he talked and I listened.  :)  Before boarding in SFO there was an older woman, I’m guessing in her 70’s who arrived at the waiting area in a wheelchair.  She exited the wheelchair and sat down next to me in the waiting area and we waited (together) for boarding time.  She shared that she arrived by wheelchair due to a pacemaker!  Then she shared she thought she would be fine walking from where we were seated to board the plane.  I talked her into a wheelchair! After the attendant took her to board  I never saw her again.  I never saw the young man (age 19) again.  He was on his way to NYC by way of Buffalo, NY.  Two first for him.  NYC and airplane trip(s) with his friend who was seated within viewing distance but not speaking distance.  The lady was returning to Alabama.  We both said we liked Northern California but agreed the south is very nice as well.  We talked about her two German Sheppard dogs and all the hair they can produce.  I told her about Lacy my lovely Lacy that I miss so much and about Petunia and we laughed and carried on like we’d known each other for years.  It’s nice to meet new people even if you never see them again.

The drive to my daughters home was lit along the roads with all kinds of Christmas lights draping houses and blown up Santa and Snowmen in the yards.  There is nothing nicer than a rural area all decked out for Christmas.  The small town Vanceboro had their lights up!  I tried to take a picture of the lamp posts but that darn camera of mine sucks!  Anyway, it was festive and so pretty.

Kyle was waiting for us.  Big, big hugs!  I dearly love my first-born grandchild.  His birthday is today!  23 today.  Hard to believe it.

For the next three weeks I am going to have so much fun!


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