A North Carolina Christmas

The old adage Home for the Holidays has new meaning for me this year.

In years past I have made countless holiday trips to old homesteads for the holidays taking children to see their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and a few who weren’t exactly family but called aunts or uncles anyway.  But, this year’s trip is different.  This year I am not taking children to see their Grandparents.  And my now grown children are not bringing my grandchildren to see me. The dynamics of this ritual has flipped.  Now I am the grandma and this grandma is the one traveling across the country to see her grandchildren in North Carolina for the holidays.  And, I am doing so with great joy!

The past six months I have lived across the United States on the western seaboard from all my children and grandchildren on the eastern seaboard and, at times, it has taken its toll on my heart and emotions even if I was the one to choose this move and I am completely happy I did.  Still, I have missed the grandchildren!  I am Grandma-Nana to some and Grandma Wehunt to one and plain Grandma to the others.  Not one of them will call me Grammy or Grams no matter how many times I say it! But one does call me Nana, which is my second choice.  I have nine grandchildren and I have missed each and every one of them equally.  Kyle-(23), Stefan-(17), Carmen-(15), Dolan-(8), Alexis-(5), Joseph-(3), Destiny (or Maddie)-(3), Hannah Grace-(2) and Abigail (or Abby)-(1).  Each one dear to my heart as grandchildren are so it goes without saying I am happy to travel across the country to spend the holidays with them even if I am freezing my fanny off!

Last Friday, late, my eldest child fetched me from the airport in New Bern, NC and as we drove through New Bern, NC then Vanceboro, NC and into Greenville, NC ::: I was home for the holidays!

All along the way the downtown streets were decorated with silver stars and bright red bells and strands upon strands of twinkle lights.  Homes were lit bright with hanging luminance; a few blown-up plastic Santa’s and Snowmen in front yards.  My goodness!  People here decorate!  I love it!

Once inside my eldest’s home I rushed towards my eldest grandchild, Kyle for a giggle and hug fest.  Kyle is quite simply the most wonderful young man possible.  He is intelligent and his intelligence shows in his humor which some might not get.  I get it.  Zeke was there to greet me as well.  Zeke is my grand-dog.

The following evening it snowed.  Not a lot, of course.  After all, folks, this is eastern North Carolina where the snow doesn’t actually stay around until February’s winter is in full swing.  The next day Lisa and I drove into Wilson County to visit my mother and two sons and one more grandchild, Alexis Jo who is pictured above.  Lexi-bug (as we call her) gave me “the biggest hug’ and played princess castle and toss ball with me.  How delightful.

Yesterday, I traveled again but this time to Nash County, NC to my youngest child’s home and to ((((that’s right))))) another grandchild, two-year old Hannah Grace.  Well, not yet two, her second birthday is on the 10th and was another reason for my trip out for the holidays.  Two grandchildren have birthdays while I am here.  Kyle on the 4th and Hannah on the 10th.  Pretty well-timed trip!

Hannah is entertaining  with her “I love you more” and “I don’t have to do that!” as well as all the other words and dances she does.  Endless energy!  Endless words!  Endless fun!

Other grandchildren are on their way!  I can’t wait :) . . . I’ve never had so much fun!  I am Home For The Holidays.


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