Tuna Misses U

Petunia (or Tuna, as we call her) is our English Bulldog.  Lively (when she wants to be) and cute as a button.  I love Tuna to bits.  It goes without saying that I miss her while I am way across the country visiting family for the holidays.  Promising to “keep in touch” before I left I shot Steven an email.  Not all that long but long enough to tell him the basics of what was happening.  I added “I am missing you and Petunia”  (he always gets after me for my southern grammar) so I guess I should have said I miss you and Petunia instead.  Oh well, no fault no — whatever –.

Fred the dog is nudging my arm.  He wants to eat?  He wants to go out?  I have no clue.  Granddaughter Hannah is shoving a plastic clothes hanger into him.  He does not seem to notice or mind her doing this.  Dogs.  Some are not understandable to me.  I don’t know what Fred wants!  Back to Petunia . . .

This morning I got a one liner back from Steven.  “All is well — Tuna misses you too”  . . . Is there a hidden ‘I miss you as well” somewhere in that line?  I wonder.

Dogs and Men.  Not much difference if you ask me.  They don’t pay attention unless there is something in it for them and you never know what they want, exactly.

Still, I miss Steven and Tuna, I miss them a lot.


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