The Sting of the Cold

I can only imagine how the sting of the cold feels for our neighbors in the mid-west. Just the thought of fighting a blizzard to get to the warmth of home makes me cringe. I’ve been in a blizzard (more than one, actually) and let me tell you it can be frightful and a daunting task to get home. You freeze to deep inside your bones even if bundled up layers thick. The cold wind is unforgiving. You do not go out in it unless you absolutely have no option! And the roads can be tremendous evil even with proper tires. Best to stay in and play board games and put puzzles together until it passes.

Still, my thoughts are with the folks to the north of us and with my daughter in Ohio who during the next few days will share in all the wintry fun before this storm is over. I hope she and her family fairs well and that all the puzzle pieces are in the box for I know this is one thing they will be doing to pass the time. I look forward to all the pictures she’ll post of their winter wonderland outside her sun-porch window. 

Of course, being a writer I have a winter wonderland story of my own to share. I always have a story. I’ll polish it up and post it tomorrow.


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