Post Merit Thought!

I was going to dash off the story about a local farmer in his green tractor with yellow lettering of John Deer on the side pulling two tow-trucks out of the ditch (each on opposite sides of the road) and me off an inclined road I could not get up to save my life.  He rescued all three of us in one swift sweep (why didn’t they just go get Farmer John in the first place is beyond me) in a 2003 Wilson County, NC winter ice storm that made a lot of folks stay inside!  And if I had been faintly aware that the roads were as treacherous as they were I would have not tried to fetch my two idiot teenage children from a rural area of Johnston County that winter afternoon.  The roads were so icy and dangerous that when I was rescued and finally on my way home the Sheriff of Johnston County, a really lovely man, followed me to HWY 301 and continued following me until the turn-off onto HWY 117 to make sure I’d make it home!  All this rescuing only took six hours total.  On a clear day it would have taken maybe twenty minutes round trip and even though I knew it would take longer than normal I was willing to do it because I was Bear Mother that day and would not leave my little bear cubs in the hands of ‘that family’ where they’d been left to fend for themselves when their friend was forbidden (by wiser parents than I) to go back out on the roads to carry my kids home.   Oh, yes, they’d been warned.  You can go sled for two hours then home you come!  And only go where you say you are or else!  After the frantic telephone call from a neighbor’s house they’d walked too to call me and after I’d learned exactly where they were, well, my Mother Bear came out and shined!  Actually, I should have taken a few moments to think and then I should have left them there!  A chance to teach them consequences for their own actions somehow evaded my mind because I did not like the family they had wound up with.  I had good reason not to like them being there which is what brought out the Bear Mother in me but honestly I should have let them there to suffer the lack of food and heat for one night to teach them the one lesson all parents want their children to learn:  “don’t go where I tell you not to go, ever!”  Silly little cub bears did not listen.  After six hours of being hungry and cold we made it back to the safe home of filled cupboards and central heat my mother had toked up to match the temperature on the hottest day of the year.  Once back home all was well.  The next day we baked cookies for the tow truck company, sheriff’s department, fire department in Kenly, NC to thank them for the rescue attempt and a very large batch for Farmer John who finally, after hours, rescued us all. Most of the cookies even made their destination. Hungry teenagers lurking around the kitchen ate at least a dozen but that was fine with me ’cause, you know they were hungry, so hungry after their ordeal.

So, writing the story, blow by blow, which would be slap-thigh funny will be written another time.  Today I am going shopping with Julie and nine month old Benjamin Cobb.  I am on holiday.  I don’t have that many holidays because I work too much and play too little I am not going to write a full story today, tomorrow or even next week.  I am on holiday!


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