Not A Freshly Pressed Blog!

You’ll never find me posted on Freshly Pressed and I don’t care!  I don’t want to be put up there anyway, actually.  I want to give myself total permission to rant on about anything that I want to without worrying about what Joe Public might think!

My thing for today is my cousin Julie.  Julie is a great gal but she, for some reason I don’t totally understand because I’m not made that way, thinks her life is not worth a plug nickel without a man to bed with.  I can’t see it but to each his own.  Now, truthfully, I love my best friend Steven to bits and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend the remaining years of my life with (in total bliss, in friendship, in love with and in a monogamist relationship with) being totally happy until that time in our life when one of us has to let the other go to ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’, whichever is the case.  I can be happy with Steve.  I am happy with Steve, he’s a totally awesome dude!  He is simply a good fit for me and I miss him while I’m away in North Carolina and he remained behind in California BUT if he never wanted to see me again I’d survive it.  I’d be sad.  I’d cry for a while.  I’d get over it, already!  I’d write and travel, I’d work and lounge around. I’d have a life.  I’d rather my life be with Steve because ‘it just works well for us and I totally love this man more than words can say’… but if he backed away from me I’d (eventually) survive and not go looking for a replacement because I was too overwhelmingly lonely…………(get it?)  So Julie and I are not on the same page and I am seeing Julie fall apart because in her mind it is better to have ‘someone’ than to have ‘no one’ and this is making her desperately lonely, depressed and just a few minutes ago cry!  Maybe her shower will put a smile on her face?  The thing is: I don’t know how to help her. I don’t know how to help my cousin learn to have (1) passion in her life for something other than a man-partner and (2) realize she is worth being her own best-friend.  I don’t know how to help.  This leaves me in quandary.

I don’t think of myself as a strong woman.  I am just made differently I guess.  I love deeply but I love myself more and have a strong common sense approach to life, if that makes sense to anyone.  So, how do I help my cousin, my friend, my partner in crime?  When I asked her what her passion was she honestly could not name anything for a few hours.  Finally, she said she loved to take pictures.  Naturally I grabbed onto that and went with it.  So, I am going to pay for a class at the community college (no, can’t afford to do it but I sure don’t want her remaining in her current state of mind) and insist she charge up her credit card with a camera and some film!  I can’t think of another place on the face of this earth better for taking a wide variety of landscapes, buildings, etc. than all of North Carolina.  This state is a gold mine for a photographer.

Well see ……………….. but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Julie.


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