Big Bottle of Wine and a Long Straw

Wine has a long history of use in the world of medicine and health.  In other words it is good for you!

According to Wikipedia: “It  has a long history of use as an early form of medication, being recommended variously as a safe alternative to drinking water, an antiseptic for treating wounds and a digestive aid, as well as a cure for a range of ailments from lethargy and diarrhea to easing the pain of child-birth.” Apparentlywine continued to play a major role in medicine until the late 19th and early 20th century, when changing opinions and medical research on alcohol and alcoholism cast doubt on the role of wine as part of a healthy lifestyle and diet. In the late 20th and early 21st century, fueled in part by public interest in reports by the U.S. news broadcast 60 Minutes on the so-called “French Paradox“, the medical establishment began to re-evaluate the role of moderate wine consumption in health. Studies have since shown positive benefits of the phenolic compound resveratrol with continued research attempting to better understand its functions in wine and the body.”

So my joking around about sucking on a long straw after it is inserted into a large bottle of wine to lessen my ‘upset’ over the break-up with Steve might be the healthy thing to do for body and mind.  On the other hand: Nothing like this will cure it, will it.  But my author ways must be cured by research.  I am into research, lots of research before beginning a new project: i.e. a little wine sampling won’t hurt!

So, I have begun my research! I am beginning with the ‘on sale’ bottles (although this might not be the place to start it is what I can afford at the moment) first to learn which I like best.  Red.  White.  Pink.  That yellowish one.  Thus far . . . .

The Red. . .I like it!  It is dry and I tend to like dry but I don’t like bitter so I am still looking for one that is not bitter.  I am on bottle two . . . I’ll let you know my favorite when I find it.

The White: I like it better . . . on bottle three … I like it a lot :)

To offset you’re wondering about my being LDS and drinking wine: I give you Exhibit #1:

which is Jesus making wine out of water! And it is reported in a few places, as well, that at least two times he got a little tipsy so please give me a break here!

I am finding is that wine is greatly improving my disposition this evening.  I think I’ll open bottle four of white and bottle three of red and see what I think of them.  They are all lined up in the refrigerator.  My daughter is out until the end of the week.  When she returns ??? she may join or scold me.  Whatever Martha!  I don’t care, actually.  I am 65 years of age and if I want to drink wine, I’m going to drink wine.

Have a very good evening.


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