The Morning After

One would think one would have a headache this morning.  I don’t!  I find no corks in the waste basket as each sampled bottle of wine is not yet empty.  I’ll have to work on that today and this evening.

I have not cried yet.

I have gotten a little mad at myself however for being so stupid as to trust in a man.  This will not happen again, ever!

What can I trust in?  Myself!  My friends (of which he is no longer one) and my family who are totally loving awesome interesting and artistic people to hang with.  But, the thing I can count on the most is my writing.  “Writing will get you through”  is another one of my grandmothers saying.  She was a very good writer/author, actually.  So, Yes, Grandma Mary Francis.  It will, surely it will.

This is where I say something totally awful about Steve but I still like him enough not to do that, YET. But, wait for it: I’m sure it’s coming (at some point).


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