I should (?) – Really


Lots of suggestions have come my way the past few days from well-meaning friends after learning I would not be returning to work in California.  I think they all thought my sole purpose of returning to California was to return to Steve (and only this) and I was suffering (horrifically) from “the break-up” with Steve.    Yes, I admit I’m saddened he could not see his future with me but really (?) are they kidding me?  Don’t they know me by now?

So now my well-meaning friends are trying to help with some Mr. Rights and Mr. Possibilities . . .  I suppose to please my southern friends I could stand on my head and whistle Dixie — surely this would get me noticed — of course the man might not be right in the head. 

Or – to please them I could tell them I’ve gone wild on an internet dating site and have fifty plus “interested in you”

Of course – I could take out an ad in the local newspaper. Given my experience it would have to read:  “Mature SWF looking for brief encounter w/o commitment”  …  because it seems men my age like alone lives without any commitment! (that made me sound jaded and maybe I feel I am a little)

But I don’t want to do any of these things.

I want my friends to let it go and let me be.  I have not complained about this to them.  I have not asked for their help or sympathies.

It’s Christmas and I don’t want any of my friends trying to look out for me.  I want them to be happy carolers and happy gift wrappers.  I’d rather have conversations about food to cook, presents to wrap and stockings to stuff.

I guess the truth is I don’t want to be with anyone so please don’t set me up for the holidays!  I am totally not interested!  Now where is the wine……………..large bottle, long straw…………..suck, suck, suck!  It helps me sleep because not sleeping with Steve is the pits.  I miss his shoulder slightly placed over mine; good lord I even miss his snoring!


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