Play time with Hannah

Lively and smart Hannah Grace can (without coaxing) say the alphabet.  She can also say her numbers one through ten,  although, she dislikes the number 3 and skips it most of the time.  I know she knows the number three because when she  skips it  she will  pause, smile, and continue counting as if she has done something naughty.  Then when her mother  reminds her by saying: “Hannah, did you miss one?” she will laugh and say the number three.  I think this is a game she is  playing.  Two years olds can be interesting little people to teach and learn from as well.

Hannah loves to help.  No one can wash the dishes without her pushing her high chair to the sink, climbing into it, and  placing rinsed dishes into the dish drainer.  I might add here that this task is sometimes done by Hannah with  unwelcome help from her mother.  Objectionable and loud Hannah will say:  “I do it, I do it” — typical two-year old!

Hannah Grace is a December baby.  This makes her more outgoing, louder than normal, energetic, inquisitive and loving.   I read this about people born in the month of December.  The louder than normal is dead on!  Actually, the other things are as well but then she is two and aren’t all two-year olds the same?

The past two days I have enjoyed spending time with Hannah Grace playing dolls in strollers, making music on the piano, drawing and writing poetry (see silly poetry “Ice” below) and refusing (me) to climb into her play tunnel although she kept insisting, running to her mother to tell on me.

She is as cute as a button (where did that saying come from? Really, I’d like to know) and smart as a whip.  Of course, I have to be honest here, she can also be as much a mess as she is cute.  (mess is southern talk for defiant in nature)

I love all my grandchildren, equally, differently, as is normal but this little girl makes me remember her mother at her age, makes me smile, makes me thankful I did not ship her mother off to Istanbul or China.  I love being Hannah’s Grandma-Nana.


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