New Year’s Hope(s)

Two New Year's Resolutions postcards

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Good Lord, I declare if I hear one more person tell me their new years resolution I am going to scream. I know the resolutions will not be kept. There is no way my daughter will stop smoking! And as for the weight loss lets just say: Good luck you southerners who live on deep-fried and sweet-tea diets. And for bagging a ten-point buck: Y-o-u got to find one first! So don’t stand there and say “I’m goin’ to bag me a ten-pointer!”  Geese.

I open the door and welcome in ‘whoever’ and within two minutes (if that long) the question “what’s your new years resolution this year?” comes flowing out of their mouth. Now I know they are just passing the time and don’t give a flip if I even have one or not. It is just something people say around here the few days before and after January first. And, to be frank, I do not care to hear what, if any, resolution they have made. What am I suppose to do? Keep track of these resolution so I can remind them later on how they screwed it all up? I’d rather talk football and I don’t even like the game, well, maybe a little depending on who else is watching but not usually my favorite sport to watch. I’d rather eat worms or crickets out of the fishing bait bucket than to exchange resolutions. I know, I know, I know it! I’m just an old woman who has grown tired of all this mess. Just once I wish I knew someone who kept that dastard new years resolution and in June or July walked through my door and said “well, I did it! And I’m happy I did” Them, I’d give a hug to.

I do not have a resolution this year. I plan on being pro-active, healthy, happy and cutting out the talking during a movie! As for the movie talking: I plan on it but I’m not holding my breath so you don’t hold yours for me either. All the other things I plan may get waylaid too. I may not choose too wisely. I may scream about Steven. I may eat an extra piece of chocolate cake just for spite. I may talk talk talk during all the best scenes of the movie!

On the other hand I may just be a success story around June or July.  But, I’ll do it without broadcasting a new years resolution. I prefer to keep what I’m up to on the down low.  It’s best this way :)


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