I am turning 66 on January 11th.  This got me thinking:  6+6=12. Break down the number 12 and it becomes 1+2 which equals 3.  And 3 is my favorite number (or 13 but both 3 and 13 are threes! Unless you break down 13, in which case it is a 4 which is also a good number)  Why am I mentioning this? Because 3, being my most favorite number makes me think this will be a fabulous year for me.  This fabulous year begins on the 11th of January.  (January is 01 + 11 (break down 11 and it becomes 1+1 which equals 2) so 01/11 is actually a 3, as well!  So my birth date (01/11) and my age (66) are both a 3! See?  And, even though the year is a 4 (2011 = 4 no matter how your work it) plus the fact that 13 (my second most favorite number) broken down is a 4 — these both match (being that they are both 4), so there!  But,  I’m not counting the year (or 13 broken down) in my calculations here. (smiling at myself)  The bottom line is this:  Beginning 01/01/11 (broken down another 4! or added together (not broken down) is a 13! How weird is that?) will be a better year for me because the number 3 and the number 4 are good numbers! And if you have followed this then you have a slight inside glimpse at my brain (how I think) and how it functions.  Good luck with understanding it though.

I need a better year because the last twenty or so have sucked (actually) and it is time to turn over a new leaf for prosperity, health, and happiness.  I feel a poem welling up inside me about ‘a new leaf’ that I’ll title A New Leaf.  Amazing how these ideas form in my head.  I am nearly 2/3rds finished with my quota of poems to write for the project I am working on.  January, 2012 is the deadline.  We keep moving up that deadline!  Well, I don’t but two others do which is fine because I am not ready either.  So, I say “oh, fine, I guess” with a sigh and then with deep breath taken (and in private) I jump up and down, thankful for the extra time.  Writers are the most procrastinating people on the face of the planet.  Dreamers, every one.  Disorganized and procrastinating we struggle every day to produce an article, a short story, a poem, whatever!  But, somehow we accomplish our goal in spite of our silly ways.  Sad to say we’re like the insurance agent who spends most of his/her time at the movie theater and then scrambles to meet his/her quota.

So . . . Here is to 2011 and the possibilities that lay ahead of me.  I am excited to get this year underway….Hooray! Blow the horn and fire up the engine I’m moving forward!  (did you hear that Steven? I’m moving forward! You can see my dust in your rear view mirror –  which you might think is lucky for you (whatever!) but it certainty is lucky for me.)

2011 is devoted to “Make-A-Difference-2011 Series” in which I write about worldwide woman’s issues (including but not limited to “the Meet Me On The Bridge” a movement for women suffering due to war); and devoted to making people smile (i.e. The Best Holiday Desserts Ever!); and teaching children through poetry; and taking care of myself in the mix of things.  2011 will be a FAB year!


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