moving boxes & bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap

I love to smash bubble wrap.  I love the click-pop-chick-pop it makes but I must resist doing this today as I pack dishes and other breakable items into U-Haul boxes marked 100% buy-back guarantee on the side, of course the boxes need to be unused and you must have your receipt to get your money back.  I wonder how many unused boxes are returned?  I’ve never had to return any unused boxes because I always needed at least two to three more than I thought I needed in the first place, which meant I usually had to scramble around town to get them.  Which also meant I was scrambling when I was too busy to scramble!  This seemed to happen no matter how well prepared I thought I was. But then this is life unfolding; or as ‘Mr. Know-It-All’ says: It is life evolving; the man’s a dunce.  I need to focus on bubble wrap!

The ABC store is good for small boxes at ten cents each and the Mom & Pop grocery stores are a good bet for a few but usually you can’t find any ones that have not already been broken down and tied with string ready to go to the recycle station in town.  Years ago stores were glad to hand off emptied boxes but today they smash them as soon as they are emptied.  Progress.  At least they go to be recycled instead of to the dump.  For this kind of progress I am thankful.

Anyway, the roll of bubble wrap is at the ready.  The boxes are put together and in a row like toy blocks waiting to be filled with kitchen and bathroom items.  Last night I did a few boxes of Living room treasures.  My daughter has about a ton (in weight) of vinyl records that need to be split up into several boxes if anyone is every going to carry them!  CD’s & DVD & games filled two medium-sized boxes.  I don’t know what this place will look like when my daughter returns from her travels (work travels that is) but I suspect it will resemble a well-organized warehouse.

Oh Goodie, grandson Kyle is up.  I hear him stirring upstairs.  Let the boxing begin!


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