Just Me, Chapman, Crow & Jones

"A Hard Day's Night"

Image by MarkyBon via Flickr


The stereo (actually, it’s the DVD player but I’m old so I call it a stereo) is playing Tracy ChapmanSheryl Crow, Norah Jones (Andrea Bocelli is also available but I’ve already packed the Burnelli) as I place things into boxes.  So it’s just me, Chapman, Crow & Jones working our way through the cupboards and bookshelves.

Several small boxes have been filled with crystal & china treasures some very old and very fragile and some collected Brunelli dishes made in Italy which my daughter spent hours finding one by one.  She nearly has a complete set now.

The corners of all art work have been protected and placed into large boxes where they will stay for at least a month before being hung in her new home.  The ships have been dusted and bubble wrapped to protect the sails and placed in boxes with lots of bubble wrap.  I’ve protected those ships more than the china!  And Lisa isn’t all that into those ships but it would be a shame if one got broken.

I will not even tell you how many boxes the vinyl records took!  Oh, and there is an actual stereo for them to be played on.  It might take four men to load that thing on the truck!  I can’t scoot it about but then, as I said above, I’m old!

I am taking a well deserved break and posting here because I did not write this morning.  I usually write each day.  No allotted time and no allotted word count.  I refuse to set those boundaries for myself.  I just write until the words stop or until I have to be somewhere else.  This way I can say: I wrote today :) – sort of, that is.  Blogging isn’t exactly writing.  Blogging is something entirely different.  Show me a good ‘curl up on the sofa’ book you can not put down that had its beginning on a blog and I’ll eat a turkey (I’d say crow but if I’m wrong, you see . . . who in their right mind would what to eat crow?) I do not mean a book that tells you how to do this or that; I mean a page turner you can’t stop reading.

Time for Nora Jones and more bubble wrap so I bid you adieu for tonight.

(image is by MarkyBon via Flickr — it is being borrowed because I like it!


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