What is a notebook?

Notebook paper

Image via Wikipedia

This is a notebook >>>>>>>>>>>

We all recognize  it as such.  It has a spiral edge with a vertical red line down the left side with blue or black horizontal  lines down the entire page and usually has three holes strategically placed on the spiral bound side and we use it to write on.  You remember don’t you.  Pens and paper.  Ink and graphite lead.  Making marks on paper.

Whether writing in cursive or printing in block letters this is what most of us old folks chose to use to do our assignments when we were at school up until a few years ago when technology caused me fits!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< and this is NOT a notebook!




I know some people use it like they would a notebook but it is not my kind of notebook.  When someone tells me to “just use the notebook” I start looking around for spiral bound paper you don’t need to plug into the wall!  I guess I’m just from another time when things were simpler and everyone knew exactly what you were talking about when you said the word notebook.


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