Moving North

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Finally have my things stored with one daughter in order for pick up tomorrow by the other daughter with whom I am moving out-of-state with to be closer to yet another daughter!  I am excited about the move.  Even knowing I will be going into more cold snow and ice has not dampened my enthusiasm.  I am ready.

Moving is a really big job and not one that I love doing. And although I am excited to go north I am dreading the drive there.  I’ll be driving the Big Budget Truck because for some reason it is believed by others I am a better bet for driving that huge truck that reports to hold a four bedroom house.  I hope so!  I mean I hope it does hold a four bedroom (large bedrooms) house otherwise I might have to leave some of my things behind.  Ouch!  Would not like that, but hey, whatever, Martha.  I’ll survive the disappointment if this is the case.  We really do have a lot of stuff’ to put inside that ‘holds 4’ truck.  Hopefully all will fit and I will not need to leave anything behind.

Wish me luck driving in the snow and ice.  It should only take about twelve hours to make the trip.  I can do it!  I’ll let you know how I do :) . . . after I rest for about a week, that is.


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