Snowy travels

Picture: My daughter Lisa and her son Kyle. Taken at my house before I painted the kitchen that awful mustard yellow :(  colour and before the three of us ever considered a move from the warmer climate of North Carolina to  the cooler and more snowy climate of Ohio.  Although, it does snow in North Carolina it is nothing like the snows of Ohio.  Oh my, what were we thinking?

On the other hand I have always loved snow and a colder climate is not something that has ever bothered me.  But, having written this I am not in any hurry to move further north of where I am now.  Ohio cold is one thing. For instance: Maine cold is quite another.  I’ll never live in Maine.

So to bring y’all up to date: First, I’ll not give up my southern talk even if I now hang my coat and scarfs in the less mild climate of Ohio! Second, when my grandson Kyle and I left in the-big-truck (from hell) which has a capacity to fit the contents of a four (4) bedroom house inside – which we filled to its maximum – neither Kyle or I thought we would ever run at 25-33 mph through the grand state of West Virginia.  Going up the incline of the hills of West Virginia proved a challenge for the big-truck.  Finally, after about an hour of laughing about this I joked that we should take a picture of the speedometer.  Kyle thought for about two seconds and said “I am!”  So, on my camera is a picture taken at a slight angle that makes the picture look as if we were going 25-mph.  We were actually going a speed of 28-mph.  This is what Kyle and I will remember.  This will be our ‘giggle point’ when we tell of our trip.  The glances, the giggles that no one else will get without an explanation that neither Kyle or I will give.  Why should we?

I thought I would be less able to drive the truck than the tanker or fire engine I once drove but I found it was like driving anything else.  No big deal.  Although my son Kevin would disagree.  He thinks I am the worst driver in the world.  Interesting that no one else thinks this.

Thankfully I had lived in this area before so I knew not to take the last few turns and stayed on I-35 until I got to the connecting interstate to HWY-202 into Huber Heights.  The narrow neighborhood streets were a slight challenge for the big monster but I managed to back it into the drive.  Once unloaded that big-monster-of-a-truck was returned!

Now to the task of putting everything away. . . . . .(did I see a bottle of wine on the kitchen counter????–a thought, anyway! But, no worries mate: I’ll not do this — well, not until everything is put away — then: no promises!) When the doctor, in her wisdom, suggested a couple of ounces of dark red wine each evening I objected!! Now, I appreciate the benefits  and object not.

So here I am and will remain for a time until I am no longer here in which case I will be elsewhere.  Being — single but unavailable may have a few rewards in the mix of things — maybe.


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