Break out the food!!

Oh please let the pots & pans be found today so I can get back to basic cooking.  No more take out of Chinese/Thai noodles  or Pizza pies filled with too much cheese.  I am suffering from too many carbs. and too little veggies.  I love my veggies.  Truth be told: I love a good healthy helping of oven baked vegetables sprinkled with just a little olive oil and a pinch of sea salt & black cracked pepper (extra pepper, please).  Sometimes when I make a pot of vegetable soup I’ll do the veggies in the oven before adding them to the pot.  The flavor is far superior.  Yummy-yumms!  (caution: I sometimes make up my own words – yumms is not a word, actually)  Today I am longing for a good pot of soup or chili (check out Six Pack Chili on my food blog best holiday recipes ever! on this site)  Therefore, putting away the kitchen is a top priority for today.

I nearly have my bedroom put away but need to wait until this evening when I can buy a frame for my bed.  Somehow the frame did not get moved!  One of those little surprises I can live without.  Actually, y’all I-Do-Not-Like-Surprises.  Never have.  I get to embarrassed.  Red face.  Heart pounding.  Feeling like I’m standing (nude) in a room filled with everyone I don’t want to see the tattoo of Steve’s and my signs (that’s another story! The tattoo, that is) – I digress –  Unfortunately, the bed-frame did not make it to Ohio.  Which means that I need to replace a perfectly good one that is less than six years old (the age of my new(er) mattress and box springs.  I hope I can find one as good as the one left behind.  I paid an arms leg for it!  Plus I will need to buy risers for the new frame to allow for ‘storage’ under the bed.  I prefer to store as much in my bedroom as possible instead of storing boxes filled with my things in the garage although some will be stored in the garage.  At some point I will have my own place but for now I am staying with my daughter and grandson. “Life Evolving” is what Steve said.  MY FOOT!  Some days I love him to death and some days I don’t.  Today is the latter instead of the former.

Interestingly the lights got turned off this morning two hours before they got switched into Lisa’s name and turned back on.  Paperwork!  The house was a warm 62 degrees when the heater kicked back on.  Now Kyle and I are toasty again :)  “Life Evolving” . . . ??? . . . (my words on ‘life evolving’ are less classy than I should be using on this blog-so I won’t (bother) sharing my words)  After all, I am a lady.  I have class.  I am older and too wise to stoop to that level. Breaking up is hard to do. Although, I would like to scream something choice that hits the mark (or Steve’s ear) just perfect.  Clarity.  Putting things straight.  And, I’m getting to personal even for a personal blog . . .

. . .  so, today I am feverishly working in the kitchen putting away all the things needed to bake, cook and eat with.  Thus far I have managed to put away all the good dishes and stem ware.  I keep searching for the everyday dishes!  Boxes!  Too many boxes!  Even so, I see a nice pot of soup in my immediate future.  If I find the bread maker even fresh bread.  Wish me luck with the bread.  The soup is a shoe-in — before I sat down to write this I found the large soup pot.  If nothing else is found at least I can cook in that very large (for sixteen!) pot.  I’ll just have to freeze some soup when I’m done with it.

The move is coming along fine.  I am lucky to be here.  Grateful to be alive and doing well.  Everything will be fine.  I will be fine.  I will not scream.  I will be kind.  I will . . .


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