5 Good Reasons to Stay off Facebook Games

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The games of Facebook are one of life’s little time cheats and is quickly becoming a nemesis – my nemesis, and – I sadly admit I am becoming a neurotic game player.  The joy has departed.  The frustration has begun.  Laundry and dishes aside (which I’ll do regardless) – most of my morning (and evening) is filled with loading problems and games that eat up my time in a big way. This can’t be good.

I must STOP NOW before it gets so bad my bed goes unmade and I forget to eat breakfast until way past the noon hour. Enough is enough!

I was considering all the reasons why I should limit Facebook’s online experience and came up with five (5) that clearly speak to me.

  • Reason One (1): “time is money“and wasted time equates to less income (every writer know this!) and less income equates to eviction & starvation!  Neither are good.
  • Reason Two (2): “It is an obsession” – and a detractor to getting on with my life. And getting on with my life is something I must focus on now.
  • Reason Three (3): “the loading problems are driving me crazy – I might as well spend time flushing my head down the toilet as to waste it with ‘loading issues’ on a game that is ::: hello ::: virtual!
  • Reason Four (4): ” the needle on my productive v. counter-productive meter-gauge seems to be stuck on counter-productive.  I am failing miserably at being productive (and pro-active) by spending so much of my day playing games on Facebook.
  • Reason Five (5): “And the biggest reason to limit playing games on Facebook is the shear frustration of the reloads (you know what I am talking about) while you have no choice but to wait, and wait, and wait!  Time is a wasting.

I am not saying I will never play my silly little games again but limiting them to what is time well spent might bring back the fun and joy I first felt when I began to play.  I plan on giving myself permission to end my ‘gaming session’ the minute I take one of those deep breaths (of frustration) and feel the joy seep out of me like blood trickling down my fingers onto the keyboard.


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