OMG Ms. A (whatever!)

Introspection: (noun) searching, introversion, contemplation  — informal definition: navel-gazing! . . . . . basically introspection is the examination of one’s own thoughts or feelings. Most women navel-gaze.  I do. Most women inspect and dissect their private and professional lives and do so to adjust their personal and professional short-term and long-term goals.  Introspection is necessary for those of us who dare to plan a fruitful life now as well as down the road.

Here is how I do my navel-gazing:

First: The question.  Usually my navel-gazing is preceded by a nagging question I want an answer to.  So as odd as it sounds I verbally ask my question . . . then,

I grab up a soft cushion and toss it on the floor.  No music!  No interruptions!  I plop my tushie down on the cushion and get comfortable.  I quiet my mind and take deep controlled breaths and totally relax which takes me a few minutes because my mind is always thinking! (Remember: Slow deliberate breathing.  Slowly breathe in and release even more slowly.  Control.  Empty your mind.  Be Still; Be Quiet.)  Then I let the thoughts that come to me answer the question I asked before I got started.  Honestly this works for me.  I can not tell you the times I guided myself through life’s swift currents and slippery stones that seemed to be preventing me from reaching a goal or moving forward after troubling times.

Introspection:  One of my life’s little treasures.  Now if you’ll excuse me I have some navel-gazing time scheduled.


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