It’s the Weekend and all over town….

It’s the weekend and all over town snow is falling. The weather channel projects between 2″ to 4″ in our area but here in Huber Heights it is steadily falling at a pretty consistent and good rate. I suspect we’ll get more than what is forecast.  Under all this new accumulation of snow is a solid sheet of ice.  Driving is cautionary.  And driving just to be driving is out of the question.  At least for me.  My daughter is at work with the car anyway. I’m sure her heart was in her throat the entire trip to her place of employment.  In time we will accustom ourselves to the snow/ice and the area and will whip around on the streets like all the other (idiot) drivers out and about on the roads around Dayton.

I have missed the changing seasons (including the snow but not the ice) the past year being that I was in California from 11-May until just a few short minutes ago (it seems a few short minutes ago-although it has been longer, actually) . . .  in fact, except for a few trees dotting the landscape here and there that would give me some fall colours I could not tell if it was May or September.  I think the only thing remotely fortuitous about California is:  Nothing!  I can’t stand the place.  I remember screaming while driving (at myself mostly) “why are you here!” … to which I answered only one word: Steven.  That gone there is no reason to return to California.  Well, except to see Kathy, Jude, Judy and Sandy and Sandy, Aunt Nell, Sandy and Aunt Ruth, JoAnne.  If not for a need to visit my elderly aunts, cousins and girlfriends I would not go there again. Ever.  A visit would be wonderful but living there is out of the question! Period.  I could not, you see, for this is where Steve lives.  I simply could not live there.  Besides I like the changing seasons, the snow, the winds rustling through nearly leafless branches to spring buds and bulbs popping up through the snow promising a spring day.  I love to garden with purpose in mind: like best get this going before the frost sets in, etc.  Planning, cultivating, harvesting, canning.  Writing about it.  My life.  I like my life lived best where there are changing seasons.

Today is the first day in ‘forever’ it seems that my gut and head has not ached . . . not so much today.  Time is a healer.  And taking a stand and calling B.S. when it is B.S. also helps.  Today I can breathe.  It is a good day.


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