Women for Women International

Iraqi-American writer and activist Zainab Salb...

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Women for Women International announced the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day – 8th March 2011 – with another global campaign for women to gather together on a bridge to take part in and to give voice to the suffering of women in war-torn countries.

Last year (2010) Women International’s first ever global bridge campaign took place with over 20,000 women across four continents taking part in 108 different bridge events.  This was quite a feat considering it was their first global event.
The organization is hoping the event for this year (2011) will be bigger and better.  I hope this as well.
I first learned of Women for Women International quite by accident.  Today I am quite involved.  I warn you however, if you Google the organization and/or the event you will find some disturbing but true facts about the human condition in war-torn countries.  And this is why I feel this event carries such great importance.
Actually, I think this organization is a study in what is well and right in the field of rights for women around the globe.  I urge you to Google “Women for Women International” as well as “Join me on the Bridge” campaign.  (note: make sure you Google “join me on the bridge” exactly because you will find other community (but very good) events not affiliated with Women for Women International)


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