Wahoo Amazing Race is back on

Amazing Race Fast Forward clue.

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One of my favorite television shows is the Amazing Race . . .  I totally enjoy watching contestants romp around the globe doing all sorts of silly to creative challenges successfully than dash to a check-in point to save themselves from elimination.

This year there is a twist which if you watch the show you already know about — for all you non-show watchers the twist is bringing  back eliminated contestants from prior years. I love this! 

Amazing Race airs on Sunday evenings. 

Tonight: no one was eliminated — I’m  so thankful because to get the boot on the first week would really suck. 

The father/daughter team from last season came in 1st place tonight which is actually mid way through the first challenge — continued next week.  I have  to say this: I love this team for their upbeat and always positive attitude. 

I would put “contestant on Amazing Race” on my bucket list but I think I’d rather watch from the comfort of my television room.


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