The Game FrontierVille on Facebook


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Can I make it through the day without clicking on a stupid Beta formatted game?  I’m speaking of the games on Facebook of which I am totally addicted due to my OCD! First the one labeled FrontierVille (because they don’t know how to put a space between words) slows down every aspect of my computer programs like a worm wiggling around inside not letting anything else work properly until “it” loads and “it” takes a million years to load!  Why don’t I just simply skip the game?  Good question.  I am sure I’ll think of a good answer in time and quit the game but for now I enjoy it even if at a distance while I’m running around the house, cooking, cleaning, etc. as I peek every now and again to see if I can (finally) click again and continue on with the game.  Second, the game FarmVille (again saved space by no space between the words) is at a point where it takes me just a few minutes to get on and back off again doing all the things that are needed to grow a few posies or feed some cows.  I remember when Farmville drove me crazy so there is still hope on FrontierVille to at some point not drive me so crazy! I can hope, pray, plead as I chick my way to another finished building or finished challenge.

Other than this ill game the fact that I have children who also play means that I’ll continue to suck-it-up and enjoy spending quality time with my girls.  Well, two of the three.  One said no thanks after a couple of months.  Smart choice? Most likely.  Still, with my OCD I can’t seem to join her, not just yet anyway.


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