Facebook Game Mishaps

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I have a confession.  I am a  facebook game addict – apparently – because the first thing I do in the morning is to check my games on Facebook.  This habit (addiction) comes before the toast is out of the toaster and before the orange juice is poured.  I may need some intervention but let’s back up a step or two before caring family and friends circle around me.

One would think that when I feel like talking to a computer screen in less than nice tones with words like oh, OH, O-O-OH! (obviously I’m not a polished swearer) I should get up and leave the game.  Walk away.  Find something else to do with my valued time.  I don’t.  I stay hence the addiction.  Addiction to a game that is nothing more than moving bits about and gathering more bits to move about.

But, it’s fun you say.  I say indeed it is. But,

– lately something has come to my attention about both games I play,  FrontierVille and FarmVille.  Something I owe several people an apology for but it is not entirely my fault.  Okay, I backslid, sorry, of course it is my fault.  This something has to do with sending out request and rewards to other players on the “FarmVille or FrontierVille friends” list.  The ‘suggested list’ is suppose to be for those folks playing the game with me!  Or so I thought.  Not always the case.  Hence a problem.  In other words: Something is amiss on my games! I always need to be careful not to send game request & rewards to friends with whom I am not playing like my dearest cousin James Cleveland who by now is feeling no diminished battere because to James one such occurrence is one too many.  I tend to agree and not wanting to be banished from James front door in the future I try hard not to send him anything.  This is not always the case due to how the game is set up.  They trick you, actually the game tricks you because all of the sudden new names appear on the ‘suggested’ lists and I have sent James, and others, yet again another request/reward.  I admit I do not like this but what is to be done?

Not being such a fast clicker would help but alas, I am a fast clicker and before I know it, once again, I have committed a mishap.

This is just a little complaint from the peanut gallery. (i.e. Me being the peanut) Besides cousin James, who gets face to face apologies when I travel to Tulsa (all roads lead to Tulsa) if anyone else out there is equally miffed I AM SORRY to bother you with my happy nonsense which most likely I need a family/friend intervention over! Admittedly, I play too much!!!

I can see it now as the Bishop arrives…………..then one by one concerns are aired. I cry uncontrollably and promise to send cards from rehab.

Apology and intervention aside I like playing these games.  It fills my time up with a tiny pleasure.  And, it keeps my mind sharp because I need to remember what each mission needs to be completed – peanuts for this one; wheat for that one – and who is playing with me so I can ask them for more bits to move around my games.


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