God’s No-Return Policy (on children & other beloved-eds)

Not too many months ago I was sitting in a café enjoying some ginseng tea and conversation with my friend when the most adorable pixie-haired angelic faced little girl entered.  Immediately the darling girl ran to the display case which was filled with all sorts of goodies and began pointing and excitedly saying “mommy-mommy” – repeatedly.  I am guessing she was around two perhaps three years old.  I was taken ‘aback by this little girl because she reminded me of my youngest daughter at around that age. 

Immediately, my empathy went out to the mother.

My youngest is now a mother of a two-year old herself.  And, as the saying goes my granddaughter is my reward for not sending her mother back to God from whence she came.  But, thankfully for her, God has a no-returns policy.   The children he sent to me – I was obligated to keep

– even at bedtime when the stubbornness of devil himself dwelt within my otherwise lovely child.

In retrospect, I would not have chosen differently, even on the more challenging days.

This little angelic darling from the café reminded me of God’s wonderful plan for us, in the here and now and for our eternal happiness.  I believe this with all my heart.  When God blessed me with the people I was meant to have he blessed me with endless opportunities for personal growth.  He even blessed me with hurdles and obstacles mostly with, but not limited to, my children.  I have five grown children and nine grandchildren (at present).  Each and every one is different – special – adored.  And each one has been a teacher.

God certainly knew the areas where I was short-sighted and sent to me the perfect teacher in the form of a child or another beloved-eds. Even when one child or another was “Not In Their Happy Place” my teachers worked their magic on my eternal soul. I see that now.

I am exceptionally happy God has a No-Return Policy.




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