simply thinking out loud (a journal entry)

Sebastian Knowles is Professor of English at Ohio State University and is (reportedly) an authority on James Joyce.  I am watching Writer’s Talk on the university station which is shown on Channel 16 or Think-TV (you can catch it at and he is babbling on about how it was the large letter S Joyce used that first made him want to read what he was holding … He said that as his name begins with the letter S he noticed and read and as a result was instantly drawn into a love affair with the author’s work(s).  I’m listening as I type this in a rather non-cohesive way.  Anyway, what do you think of Joyce the author?

I’m being brave and reading Steig Larsson (2 of 3) The Girl Who Played with Fire – two bedtime readings and I’m on page 229 (not to bad) and this afternoon I picked up William Faulkner As I Lay Dying which I have never read.  This book is from the library so it must be returned. The three Steig Larsson books are mine. The third in the trilogy was a gift.  I purchased the first and second to read first.  Who gives a gift of the third?  I’ll tell you who when we talk next time if you remind me.

I was thinking all day about you.  About me.  About what I want. About my desire to improve my writing. About how my life may change if and when – well, if we become an ‘us’ instead of a ‘you & me’. About a definitive reason why this is real?  I looked through your pictures, or six or so of them but only because they popped up on the right field area. So I looked and saw you as I remembered you and one with Lonnie on top of a house.  I love that one, by the way. All the time I was thinking . . . God show me something definitive! Then …..

….I decided that I love you (deep breath) and that I am willing to see where this goes and to not be afraid of you.


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