Bucket List: Installment two

Not that I’m complaining but it is possible that a few of my first 10 of 100 must-dos before I kick-the-bucket on my Official Bucket List may never be completed before my timely demise. For instance, I may never have that snap shot taken of me at the corner of Haight and Ashbury with my grandmother’s shawl draped and tied around my hips and as far as ice skating, those days may be in my past as I’m not as steady on my feet any longer (or so I’m told-although I totally disagree) but my son-in-law does have the karaoke thing available and although I’ll need to wait until this fall I will go to a Ohio apple grove to pick those apples. But, I have to face the facts that some things on my first 10 of 100 may never be checked off.

Although, a Bucket List should be attainable to some degree it also should be fun and not so predictable. I am trying to include some less attainable things. Things I dream about doing. But then, some of these in and of themselves just might lead to an early demise. But I’d like to try them anyway. On that thought: It comes to mind that if I were to accomplish my complete bucket list to soon this too might lead to an early demise. It’s a thought to be considered. I’d hate to have only a front porch swing to look forward to when I’m really getting up there in age. Having some that require greater effort may keep me going until I am one-hundred-two as is noted in my poem. This is the plan, anyway. Something to look forward to over the next twenty odd years.

Of the poem, I have realized that I do not like really long hair so much these days so the “hair gently piled a-top my head” might be another thing I’ll miss doing. In fact my hair is longer than usual these days which will be remedied this afternoon. Hopefully. Short, cute and stylish better suits me. When I wrote “Dancing Daisies” I was projecting my old self out in the garden. I liked the vision, then. I still do. I would not mind dying out in the garden.

Dancing Daisies (copyrights: Mary Lou Wehunt, 2010)

I fancy myself a willowy old woman;
hair gently piled a-top my head;
Found dead in my garden
at the age of one-hundred two;

Should this be;
Do not weep for me,
I have laid down my head
In a bed of turnip greens;

I shall leave you the turnips
But take with me the daisies,
My most delightful friends
Who taught me to dance in the garden.

So I have added some not so predictable things to my bucket list. Why not! They are fun to talk about on a balmy night under the umbrella. (second 10 of 100)

    11. Go surfing one last time (remember I’m 66 but I once saw a man 70ish doing it).
    12. Travel England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Canada.
    13. Play strip poker with my husband & lover (one in the same).
    14. Grab Shell and take the train from Wilson, NC to Raleigh, NC and shop ’til we drop.
    15. Have any tattoo removed if indeed I ever get one!(on my first 10 of 100-which was a minor lapse of common-sense).
    16. Walk barefoot in the sand during low tide at that place in Mexico again.
    17. Read the full text of Homer: The Iliad & The Odyssey.
    18. Understand the full text of Homer: The Iliad & The Odyssey.
    19. Make it through the entire EServer Poetry Collection – the binder from hell that lives under my bed.
    20. Take a garden tour holiday in Savannah, GA and other southern gardens (whatever suits my fancy).

2 thoughts on “Bucket List: Installment two

  1. I wish I were down the road from you in Clayton and if I were still in the grand state of NC I would be … we’d just have to do some old fashion chatter on the front porch (by the way: I miss my front porch where I could wave at folks driving past who would actually wave back) … but I have moved two months ago to Ohio which is a bit far north of you for that chit chat. Love your blog. Nice job. Thanks for leaving me a comment they are few and far between. Mary Lou

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