Date Night at the Mall

Destiny and younger sister Abigail are having fun at a local mall’s child care center while their parents shop for the perfect top to go with the new pair of jeans their Daddy gave their Mommy for her birthday.

More and more parents are utilizing this service so both child and parent can enjoy the shopping experience.

These two girl’s parents are taking this a step farther however by doing a ‘date night’ at their local mall. Of course, the fact that the girls grandmother owns the center is a plus. The parents happily leave their children to romp all they want while they shop and grab a slice of pizza and a movie. If you ask me this is a great idea. I wish this was available when my children were younger and my husband and I needed babysitting for our Friday night dates. It would have made leaving the house much simpler. Just take the kids along, drop them off for a few hours while you have some ‘us’ time.

On this particular Friday night the girls went home with their Nana while their Mommy & Daddy spent a little longer doing ‘date night’ but usually this is not the case.

“Usually, we drop off the girls around seven or so and shop a little if we need something and then go out to eat; then around nine-thirty we’re all home and the girls are in bed. It works out really well.” said their mother, Rebbecca.

Allowing time to be a couple, especially when you have young children who are more demanding of your time, is an important part of developing a healthy and lasting relationship. Building a solid foundation begins with simple things like a date night and taking the time to develop an understanding of who your counter-part, your best-friend is at their deepest levels. Date nights allow time to build your information file which helps during those times when it isn’t such smooth sailing in your relationship. Actually developing your spouse as your best-friend, a deep and loving friendship, is one of the secrets to a lasting relationship.

Another secret to a long and happy relationship is to (together) set some goals and then as a couple see those goal through to completion. When one goal is met find another to take its place. The goals don’t need to be colossal ones. They can be as simple as building a flower bed together to more significant ones like finishing a college degree but they need to be looked upon as a joint venture. And at the completion applauding is not only allowed it is advantageous to the relationship. Who among us doesn’t like a nice pat on the back and some appreciation?

I’ll give you another secret to a long and happy life together. It is a willingness to love unconditionally and a willingness to accept your best-friend, your lover, your counter-part, your spouse for who they are and not try to change them in any way, unless it is for their betterment such as insisting the use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea! Otherwise, no fair – acceptance is golden.

This is what Desi & Abby’s parents are doing (minus the sleep apnea machine, of course). Consistently building a foundation for a lasting and deeply loving relationship which will carry them through many many years with goals set and an eye on a future, together. And giving themselves the gift of ‘date night at the mall’.

“The best thing I can give my girls is to love their mother right” the girl’s father said. By example he teaches his young daughters. “You can’t ask more than that” added their mother.


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