Hard water spots Old dogs & Yogi Tea

My life is complex and filled with challenges brought on by the usual everyday variety of stuff – like what to do about the hard water spots on the faucets to Zeke’s old dog smell to which Yogi tea to drink.

I know, I have such a hard life. (smiling over this)

First up: The hard water issue in this area is devastating to my skin, my hair, and the sink faucets. I like all of these things smooth and shiny but hard water leaves none smooth and shiny. I’m totally devastated. I remember a friend who used Johnson’s paste wax on her fixtures to remedy this problem. I’ll try it. Soon. I’ll try it soon because, as odd as this is to fret over I do fret over it. Smooth and Shiny. As for the skin and hair? I’m investigating solutions that do not include an expensive water softener system. Hopeful but doubtful to have smooth and shiny hair and skin.

Second: Zeke’s old dog smell turns visitor’s noses into a twitching symphony of sniffles.  The poor guy can’t help it! He is just an old over-sized lap dog who spends most of his time lying around stinking up the carpet. He can’t help that he stinks!

When he slumbers I notice his legs running in slow motion and he makes weird noises like he is running hard . . . surely he is chasing birds or squirrels – then he barks, then stops! – although only in his mind, he’s caught one for sure!

I keep the house smelling as clean and floral as humanly possible with Zeke in mind so his nose and lungs do not go into overdrive like they did when I sprinkled a powered deodorizer on the carpet before vacuuming. Zeke’s reaction to it was awful and I’ll never, ever again, use that product. Into the rubbish bin it went! I like a nice fresh scent as much as the next gal but not if it gives Zeke an allergic reaction. It is not worth it. So, the challenge of limiting Zeke’s old dog smell was front and foremost on my ‘to do’ list. And I found a solution. It’s called (1) keep the vacuüm extra clean and (2) Renuzit Pure Breeze scented Fabric Refresher Super Odor Neutralizer Fine Mist Spray which says it eliminates odors in fabric. It worked well to eliminate odors on the carpet as well. Hey, carpet are fabric! And the light spraying of it worked without any effect on Zeke and that’s all I care about.

Third: Each evening I wait for Lisa to say it: “Mom, which Yogi tea do you want? Yogi herbal teas are the bomb. Sometimes it is hard to decide which one I want. She never puts two tea bags into my cup though and herbal tea is better strong. For me two tea bags do the trick. But, she usually puts a teaspoon of good Honey into the cup, this I like. We are down to Throat Comfort, Berry DeTox, Relaxed Mind and another brand in Organic Smooth Move (an herbal stimulant laxative) So my choice is narrowed down a bit as my throat is not sore; I don’t really need detoxed; my um are just fine thank you. With this in mind my option is the Relaxed Mind which given my telephone call last evening might be needed! Kids. What can I say.Right now I am enjoying a two bag cup of Relaxed Mind and I am — Relaxed.

Truthfully it is comforting only have these issues to brood over. No longer am I concerned with afternoon sports and music lessons and finding a friend to trade childcare on “date night”. I don’t have to cook but I do like to so I do. I don’t even have to make my bed but I do. I have all the free time in the world to do my craft of sewing, quilt design and writing and I can garden at my whimsy as long as my hands hold out and they usually do hold out just fine these days.  It is nice to have arrived at “Retirement” without needing to be retired. Of course passing  the fix-it torch to the younger generation is appealing. I have to admit it is nice not to be the one to deal with an overflowing toilet.


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