Desi’s Great Escape (the front porch escape on Yank Road)

Granddaughter Desi stayed on the front porch for quite a long time entertaining her great grandmother while I was in the kitchen making us some lemonade.  I could hear my mother laughing from the front porch as I poured two tall glasses, one for mother and one for me.  I came out with them just as Desi was making her escape.  Quickly I handed off the lemonade and grabbed the camera on the table just inside the front door to document our little adventurer’s escape.  Desi was determined to join her cousin Lexi who was raking imagined leaves on the front lawn.  Desi triumped when she picked up the “grandkids” hoe to help Lexi work in Nana’s yard.  Darling girls on a summer day in 2009.

When was the last time you had a camera handy and capture something priceless?


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