played long enough

The contents of the Universe as measured with ...

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Okay, I’ve played long enough. Time to get started blogging for real. THINKING. Thinking. thanking.  As interesting as it has been to write about things that come into my brain (and sometimes as quickly leave) as if they matter on a global market and as eye-opening as it has been for self-awareness development, and for my betterment, I might add, this is what it is: a little ranting and so forth of non-importance.  The thing is: the thing is what has been written here don’t matter all that much and it is time to begin a writing blog or better said a blog a writer would put out.

It has been a hoot writing about whatever, though.

So let the Dark Master envelop the Atoms while pushing Dark Energy to max speed.  Or something like that.

I can’t say I’ll never come back here and write something about the grand-kids or my mother from time to time because I love ranting on them and their antics but I think I have learn-t all I need to be teach-ed ….


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