The first time I saw a photograph of this unique and spectacular hanging basket I found myself saying (out loud) someone has a quirky sense of humor. Quirkiness and me go steady these days so this unique basket immediately got my nod of approval. (nod-nod-nod)

Isn’t it divine?

It hangs outside the Hotel Indigo in London’s Paddington neighborhood (London, England).

Some may consider this a monstrosity but I happen to love it.  The sheer size – it’s a monster of a basket!

So, why did the hotel do such a unique hanging basket?  I’m sure there is a story here – somewhere.  I’ll just admit that I do not know the story and complete this sentence with: It’s the English!

How would you like to be the one who waters and weeds? Imagine that for a few minutes.  But, given London’s yearly rain index keeping it beautifully lush might not be a difficult task.  It rains in London — like a lot y’all.  A lot.

Here are some of the stats on this amazing hanging basket.

The Hotel Indigo opened in January of 2009. The basket weighs  more than a quarter of a ton.  It has over 100 flowers and other plants planted into the 20-foot by 10-foot basket which hangs a whopping 25 feet up in the air. It took a month to build and install.

Photo Credit: InterContinental Hotels Group


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