Zsa Zsa Gabor – Mother at 94? the stage is set, but is there a rat in the cast

I could scarce believe my eyes. My mind was in retro-drive [so to speak].  The comment “that’s just weird” given by daughter Francesca Hilton, Ms. Gabor’s only child, is an understatement considering Ms. Gabor is 94.  Hello-Ninety-Four-years-old folks-and in ill health, to boot! 

Who in their right minds would even attempt to artificially inseminate a surrogate for a mother of 94?

The fact that the couple have been married for twenty-five years and have not taken this route during their long marriage leaves some speculation.  Let’s think about this: The egg is from another woman; the artificial insemination will be done to another woman; the child will be birthed by another woman. 

At which point will this child be Ms. Gabors genetically???  At what point will this guy have something left behind by his devoted wife? [in the form of a child, this is]  Might-en the Prince be a little off kilter here?  Suspicions looms.

At any rate: Now, I have heard it all and I am not sure someone’s wheel has not fallen off.  At the least this guy – husband Prince  Frederic von Anhalt’s  elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top and he’s a few bricks shy of a full load!  What is he thinking?  Nothing to live for?  When my hair began to turn salt & pepper I found lots to live for and [trust me] at no time did this include another child.  I smell a rat!  I smell a dispute on inheritance here.  Could be wrong but I smell a rat.

For you reading enjoyment: The Article as published in all it’s glory [can’t believe it was published and I am wondering when that picture of Ms. Gabor was taken – this is not her at 94! Can’t be, I’ve seen 94 and this is not it!]

Zsa Zsa Gabor, 94, Could Become a Mother Again
By Zach Dionne  Posted Apr 14th 2011 03:07PM

According to an astonishing new report from CNN, ailing 94-year-old Zsa Zsa Gabor could become a mother again if husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt has his way.

Gabor would have a child via an egg donor, artificial insemination and a surrogate mother, von Anhalt tells CNN.

“I’ve gone through the initial steps of donor matching and blood work and next week the donation process will begin,” he says.

Gabor’s daughter Francesca Hilton, the Hollywood fixture’s only child and often a vocal counterpoint to stepfather von Anhalt, told CNN, “That’s just weird.”

“In life you need something to live for,” von Anhalt says. “If my wife passes away before me, I have nothing to live for.”

Gabor has been in and out of the hospital numerous times in the past year, enduring a hip replacement and eventually a leg amputation.

“I’m a retired guy,” von Anhalt says of a new child. “I can take care of it.”

He tells CNN that Gabor spoke about having a child with him when they wed 25 years ago; she reportedly revisited the topic with her husband recently.

“One reason is their desire to have someone carry on the famous Gabor name,” CNN writes. “None of her two sisters left an heir and her only child does not use the Gabor name.”

That info, via Prince Frederic, seems suspect; Francesca Hilton tells CNN her full name is in fact Constance Francesca Gabor Hilton.

Now, don’t you feel more informed about the goings on in this weird absurdity.  I leave you with other stories of equal banter …. check out below.  I have nothing more to say.


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