When will I get it right?

[an open letter to God]

Dear Gracious God Almighty,

When will I get it right? 

Can I count on – getting it right, today

Can I count on your help while I fortuitously maneuver  my way through the contemptuous maze created by an “over sixty” man?  This man who leaves me bewildered, disoriented, perplexed, confused and unsure about my worth?

I trusted You, Father, to send Your very best.  I’m not complaining, mind you.  But, I am wondering Father, are there any over sixty best left?

Or is the best down to the commitment phobic and workaholics?  The self doubters, and the players?  Is this the best ya got, Father? 

Oh, Father, I’m sure you were just as surprised as I when your best fell short . . . of Your (and my) expectations.

But, I have to say it would have been so very nice, for instance, if he’d said:  “Hey, Sister Lady, I’m just sewing some old-buck wild-oats, you see.   So don’t take me seriously.  The only thing you can trust is when I say “I Love You” I’ll run away, faster than lightning striking a Palmetto tree during a Southern thunder-storm!” 

Father, wouldn’t it have been nicer if he’d been nicer?  Don’t You agree?  So, dear Father, why did You send him to me?  I’m not complaining, Father, it was awfully nice for a while and I do thank you but couldn’t You have sent me a keeper?

I would have avoided these little surprises if you’d sent me a keeper, Father.  

I am sure this is not Your doing, for You would never send such a devoted daughter such sadness.  Would you?

This afternoon reality hit me like a ton of bricks, I dare say, Father. 

My life is better off without men over the age of sixty, although I must say I wish it weren’t so.  I would be awfully nice, but . . .

If I promise never to ask again that You send me an “over sixty” man, can I count on Your help in getting my life right,  after the contemptuous maze?  As right as rain, dear Father is what I ask. 

Can You grant it? 


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