Driving while reading! Bec, what were you thinking?

I just can’t help myself–I must tell you this about my sister-friend Rebecca (Becky) R.

Today I read a post by a fellow blogger in which she/he talked about reading while walking.  This got me reminiscent of how my sister-friend Rebecca would always read while driving when she sold pest control for a local pest control company back in the early 1990’s.   A few miles outside the city of of Wilson, NC  you can pick up the highway 264 into Greenville, NC and before you know it the road becomes a straight shot between the two cities.  Becky would prop an opened book on top of the steering wheel, steady the book with her thumbs while her fingers were wrapped around the steering wheel and read as she drove down the highway at a speed usually a mile or so above the limit, until she reached the point where the highway emptied into the first intersection in Greenville.   At that intersection it was impossible to read any-longer so she simply closed the book and  place it on the seat beside her and got on with her day.

Becky was always an avid reader and “wide-open” as an individual so doing this was not out of her character, but honestly, during the times I rode with her, she gave me the willies.  But, Becky could, over time, completely read a novel – start to finish, while she drove between Wilson and Greenville.  I guess her creativity is something to be admired.  I mean, in all the months she did this she never hit anything, not a deer, a possum, no road kill of any kind!  I can admire this, if nothing else.

From time to time another driver would pass her, notice what she was doing and beep their horn.  Becky paid them no mind what-so-ever, keeping right on reading as if nothing unusual was taking place.  I am sure, for Becky, nothing unusual was taking place!  But, the drivers who did notice. surely they thought the same as I did!  This is one idiot woman who gives ammunition to the old saying “Woman-behind-the-wheel, Beware!”  And so it went, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, until she retired.  My dearest sister-friend drove between two cities, and read one novel after another, saying:  “straight is the road that leads to nothing important”  Nothing important meaning her first appointment with a concerned homeowner unwilling to live with ants, roaches, or rodents.

I think Becky was more into books than pest control.  And this is why she propped a book above her steering wheel and read as she drove between the office and her first appointment.  But, only because the road was ‘straight ahead’, as she liked to say.


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