A new way of sharing isn’t all that great! Could it be the downfall of us all?

In my Mamma's kitchen she would have just yelled out "come here, please" to share something with Daddy -- so what has happened over the years? And why is doing the same today so wrong?

Has it really come to this?  Your hubby’s in the next room — at a pretty close distance but instead of interrupting him by calling out you click a button and forward to his computer what you found an interesting read on your computer.  You send it only a few feet away from where you sit, which is within yelling distance to where he sits in his chair – in front of his computer . . . with no words spoken between the two rooms he gets the ‘forward’ and chuckles to himself, just as you chuckled right before you forwarded it along to him. 

To me, there seems something very sad about sharing with a click with someone who is geographically so close to where you sit. Granted, it may be easier to click instead of calling out but is clicking always the wiser action to take? If you are asking me; It could be that we are collectively two clicks away from enjoying one un-shared dinner table!  But, by all means click away, at your will (or at your peril) but you may be losing out on some face to face and eye to eye contact that our parents enjoyed.  All that clicking, I am s’posen is more a wedge between ‘us’ in our marriages, in our relationships than we realize.  And, for one, me, I am worried about this new phenomenon.  Really worried.

The evidence of this is snarling at me from my computer as I read the following reply to an email I sent out to my friend. . .a reply which prompted me into action (to write) about this new habit (phenomenon) that seems to be sweeping through our houses.

My Friends Reply:


and I will also forward this to Jim..  even though he is in the next room…  He needs to see this too.
Thanks…  and hugs, judy
So, dear ones, I leave this last thought with you.  Call out!  Yell!  Yell, “Come heather, I have something to share that will put a twinkle in your eye!” and never feel badly for intruding into his personal space or the time it takes him to walk a few steps to where you are.  He’ll most likely love the interruption just to set next to you for a few minutes, chuckle together, eye to eye, face to face.

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