Summer Reading Marathon

Hot digity-dog I’m back from the Library and feeling gleefully glad!

With Beverly Lewis, James Fry, Lisa See, Stephen Fry and Mark Twain to keep me company I’ve got a real good time waiting for me on my bedside table! Maybe I’ll take one outside to the lounge chair and do some outside summer reading!  Oh, I’m a happy camper today.

Speaking of digity-dog(s) – check out this handy-dandy dog 

Isn’t it a humdinger? 

When I was a kid my Daddy would cook hot dogs on the outside grill and warm up the buns to go with them.  I’d lay down a row of mustard inside the warm bun and put the cooked hot dog on top and then cover it with more mustard and some relish and eat my fill (2 or 3 of them!) along with Mamma’s potato salad and sweet iced tea to drink.  After which I’d camp out on a blanket in the back yard with a stack of books and read-read-read.  Mamma always said “she’s got another book stack going on, Vernon, she’ll ruin her eyes!”  But, I didn’t ruin my eyes, at least not over reading books outside, old age set in and did it! 

It seems nothing has changed about my summer book reading marathon except for the hot-digity-dandy-dog which I don’t eat these days and for the blanket on the ground, as I opt for a nice lounge chair instead.  At 66 it’s a lot easier to get up from a lounge chair!  Oh, but I still remember those summer weekends when I was a kid living in my Daddy & Mamma’s house; the hot dogs on the grill after a morning of yard care, which meant me behind a push mower while Daddy weeded and trimmed; the soft thick blanket on the ground with a stack of books beside me! I’d be all smiles and giggles while reading-reading-reading.


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