Hot Dogs?

This is a story that will bring tears to your eyes.  I am at my desk pondering a cooking blog post.  What shall I write about this week?  I click on the monthly calendar in the header for notable holidays – – if you want to check out the other blog.

(Note: I’m the least pushy person you’ll ever meet but still, I like readers as much as the next person. For a writer it is both vindication & validation to have readers. I’d load up a music video of “You Light Up My Life” here – but you get the jest, right?)

June 12th is Magic Day and apparently on this date in 1838 Baseball was invented.  My mind swirls — (or was that the storm winds swirling outside, visible through the slit in the curtain?) — whatever, the mind becomes engaged, alive!  What is more magical than baseball?  Baseball & hot dogs!  Not just any hot dog – The All American Hot Dog!

I get side tracked and think of my mother’s love for Emeril Lagasse and wonder, “does he have some good hot dog tips?”  Google!  After all there must be more to a hot dog than plain red in a cold bun with red and yellow on top, right?  I mean, if left to my expertise this post will be rather bland and boring.

Reinstated thanks to Lagasse and America’s Test Kitchen my mind is back on track – sort of – and I think of a few post titles.  In the end pick Home Run Hot Dogs.  Than, again my mind wonders.  This time to the game of baseball and to the 30 Before 30 post about the Baltimore Orioles – I love the line “Damn you Jeffrey Maier!” –  and just for fun I read SportsJim81’s blog post again – URL:  Mentally and comically satisfied I continue on.  Hot Dogs!

Finding the right images is key to giving the hot dog a mouth-watering audience.  NO?  Exactly when was the last time your mouth watered over a hot dog?  I thought so.  Continuing. . . I Google for images.  I hit pay-dirt and come up with amazing images of hot dogs.  I did not know “the dog” could be dressed with so many options.  Some don’t have red or yellow on them.  What is up with that?

Again, my mind wonders.  This time to Summer Fun, baseball, hot dogs, the National Hollerin’ Contest happening next weekend (June 18) in Spivey’s Corner, NC.  Google!  I come up with this little tidbit from Reuters: “Travel Picks: Top 10 wacky U.S. summer events, one being the Hollerin’ in Spivey’s Corner. (NEW YORK | Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:13pm EDT) –Travelers should leave their indoor voices at home at this cacophonous celebration, which draws in over 10,000 attendees. The hollering contest is not the only pursuit for travelers to enjoy at this gathering; conch shell blowing, a greasy pole climb, and the classic game of corn hole are also integral to the hollerin’ hoopla. Those with a firm grip can even compete to hold on to a greased watermelon, while local firemen try to knock it from contestants’ hands using a fire hose. General admission is $5, and free for children 12 and under.”  

I think, maybe I should write something about “hollerin’ hoopla” but remind myself I need to finish what I start by staying focused and on track, for Pete’s Sake!  This according to Kristen Lamb who advises this with an iron fist.  Check out: Publishing, Writing | URL:

Oh, distractions:  I put the ear phones on and plug into Pandora Internet Radio.  Set to a low volume for static noise I function better.  Honestly.

Still, the 43rd Annual National Hollerin’ Contest is a family oriented event and is the most fun a NC Gal could have and I feel it calling me to come on out and enjoy the fun!  Deep breath.  Hot Dogs! Plus, I moved to Ohio!

When we went white water rafting I remember that we took hot dogs along.  The buns got wet!  The hot dogs were good without the buns.  I should write something about White Water Rafting.  I feel a kick in the butt coming from Kristen Lamb’s direction, all the way from Texas.  She has a long reach!  Deep breath.  Hot Dogs!

At this point I am crying — Hot Dogs!


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