Saving the World and other things women do

I am listening to my daughter as she saves her friend.  The worldly issues of divorce, child custody and some self-esteem issues are being addressed.   My daughter is highhandedly solving each, one by one  —  I’m listening to this mainly because she talks so loud I can not help but to listen, even if I were outside  ––  as she talks into the receiver end of a telephone.

The conversation is lengthy and my daughter becomes rather preachy but she is also an extremely competent adversary to the friends current position with regards to the situations at hand.  My daughter seems to be effectively using her been there, done that so please listen to me approach and gives suggestions for a better, less adverse, course of action.  I wonder if her friend is really being receptive  or meekly suffering through the advise.   They have had these conversations before.   Perhaps this time my daughters words will take root and grow a flower, a beautiful flower.

 At last I hear words “Education Is The Key” … but being privy to only one side of the conversation I am not sure if that means formal education or wiseing up as not to repeat the seven deadly sins  — lust-gluttony-greed-sloth-wrath-envy-pride — although I do not know which of these seven were abused, if any. 

I think conversations – women to women – are like empowerment sessions in which one who can gives to one who needs with love and understanding the support and acceptance to work through a rough time of it.   My daughter is good at this.

So good, in fact, that I think her experience and sound judgements would benefit women’s issues groups like WSWnow ( or Women for Women International ( 

After the conversation is over my daughter sighs.  The only response I am privy to.  I know the friend she was speaking to.  I know she is worried for her.  I want to say something.  I don’t.  I realize I am not super-woman and I can not save anyone from themselves. 


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