Zeke’s Snoring Habitat

ZEKE’S Snoring Habitat: Soon Open for Occupancy if he keeps snoring like a chain saw thrashing about in a wind tunnel.  The plus and down side of this –  Zeke remains beloved in-spite of his snorting, snoring and lip smacking bubble sounds escaping his snout – is two foldOne: We allow him to continue to breathe.  I think you’ll agree this falls into the “plus” category for Zekers.  We do love him so.  Two: We allow him to continue to breathe.  I think you’ll agree our lack of love for doggie snoring is justified but our total love of Zekers outweighs our dislike for his snoring which means this too falls into the “plus” category for Zekers.  Besides: He does adore us so. The truth is there is some notion that old dogs are part of the family in a way that diminishes all nuisances which otherwise would be intolerable.  Intolerable becomes comic.  Frowns become smiles.  Sighs becomes giggles.  Zeke becomes more loved with each snorting, snoring and lip smacking bubble sounded slumber.  And even when the volume on the television set needs adjustment we remain his loyal family.

Zeke is caught on break - Is his guard-dogandry break leaving Snoring Habitat in jeopardy?

Zeke give it his best efforts with  guard dogandry (Yes, I know dogandry is a made up word!) in an effort to secure his habitat borders.  All one-hundred ten square feet of it.  Sometimes he’ll venture into another room and secure those borders as well.  Always on the guard for intruding varmints (human and non-human) with true menservants charm his efforts are always rewarded with a head pat, a tummy rub and a doggie cookie.

To his credit he tolerates Earl and Clyde the two cats he willingly allows to breathe the same air he breathes.  And, when Clyde drinks from his refreshing liquid bowl he seems not to notice the little water thief in our midst.  Clyde is another story all-together!  Zeke seems to be extremely unwilling to chaste Clyde for his thieving ways much to Zeke’s credit.  He is, after all, a gentleman and gentlemen don’t tattle.   even when they are bone-challenged!

He doesn’t mind an occasional grooming attempt from Earl who is blind and feeble-minded sometimes forgetting what he was doing.  Zeke seems to be patient with Earl until he figures out he was in the midst of an ear grooming attempt which, in all honestly, Zeke is not a fan of.

Much to Zeke’s credit he shares not only his bones and toys but his heart.  And this is why he is still breathing.  When some might be calling for  ‘end of suffering’ for their old pets we take the stance that he is nothing more than an elder statesman of the family and due his justice and respect for all his service.  Even old race horses are allowed to pasture out so I see no reason for Zeke not to continue his guard-dogandy of his Snoring Habitat of choice.

Snorting, snoring and lip-smacking bubbled sounds are no reason to kick him out of his Snoring Habitat.  I know this!  Still, I can’t stop myself from thinking the den needs some guard-dogandry efforts when Mystery Theater is airing each Sunday evening.  Just for about ninety minutes or so.


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