EXACTLY when did this site become so lax in monitoring hackers! Can’t you guys take a hint from the current situation with Murdock that this sort of thing is not to be tolerated???? Can’t you do better at protecting simple folks like me who simply blog uninteresting things not of world importance.

Are you reading this???? I hope so!

In my earlier post (and the one below this post) about our beloved dog Zeke two words became underlined and in green (of all colours!) and when each underlined green word was clicked on by me, just to see what would happen, the first word (loves) and the second word (water) each brought up advertisements.  The first for some sort of sordid nude porn site (Ouch! for an LDS woman in good standing) while the second brought up an advertisement not too awful but one nonetheless I do not promote.

I’m sure the same will be done to this post….in the one previous to this one I actually changed the two ‘hacked words’ which changes nothing of the meaning but also makes the meaning less clear.  I’m not too happy about this!


Just an ordinary person who blogs and may not be blogging here in the future!


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