iPod Post?

It’s the size of a business card and I can do everything (abet slower) I can do on the monster pc station in the den. And best thing I can do it even while sitting on the bathroom throne if I so choose to blog while (((OMG))) can’t imaging that!

Of course the fact that my fingers fly across a keyboard but hunt & peck on my little iPod the option to post any lengthy blog using this little guy just lost its attraction.  Already I am getting frustrated!  I want the big one in the other room….like right NOW!

(((Added to this post Saturday, July 16, 2011: If you click on the green underscored two words in this post you will be taken to Vista Print’s web site.  I do not indorse Vista, I ordered from them and was greatly disappointed in the quality and will not be ordering from them in the future.  Just so you know.)))


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