Is our Country’s Indecisiveness ruining us?

Does this child have a chance?

Hannah Grace, a delightful two-year old lives in Rocky Mount, NC, a part of the south that has seen its fair share of economic downturns.  In this picture she is smiling but the big question is will she be smiling in twenty-thirty-forty years?  Given the local and national economy she might not be.

Stefan is enjoying a carefree summer's day his future all it should be?

Stefan pictured here was a real joker at the age of six!  Here he is enjoying some ice-cream in his great grandmothers kitchen.  Now at age eighteen Stefan has been accepted into a North Carolina college.  While in high school he worked towards his college associates degree.  He is no slacker!  Actually, in one week hence  Stefan will have earned his Associates Degree through summer classes!  He is counting on the government to be fiscally responsible.  You see Stefan is putting himself through college by working a full-time summer job which will become his part-time job while taking full semesters, student loans and grants as his father did before him!  Not that his physician father can not afford this for him but he expects his son to follow suit.  His father was the first in his family to graduate from college.  The first to continue on to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor.  Stefan is up for the challenge.  Is his country up for the challenge at hand for Stefan and others like him?

These two are enjoying an imaginary trip to a coffee shop, but.....What Miles-Per-Gallon future can they expect when they are no longer driving a Barbie car?

These two shiny haired toddlers don’t have a care in the world.  Their world is safe and secure.  But they won’t be driving Barbie cars forever!

Isn’t it time for indecisiveness to become decisive?  

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