Memories Are Golden – The 4 Summer Memories I can’t stop creating for my grandkids

#4 - Let them steal all the fresh picked Strawberries they want! Even if it means one less jam jar is processed, the memory of eating Grandma's fresh strawberries or peaches will last their lifetime. Memories last forever - jams get eaten before next canning season!

#3 - I always have crayons, markers, paints and paper -- AND SCISSORS AND GLUE on hand and let them go wild creating whatever they want! Nothing says summer like some backyard art fests. Here one grandson is creating masterpieces with his mother and (trust me) he is washable! And .... it's worth all the tea in China to have memories like this one.

#2 - Let them try things! I am really bad for letting them experiment with things their parents might have a 'holy cow' about ... know what I mean? See my granddaughter's happy face? Now don't you know she is please with herself as she spins the bike peddle around and around! How can it hurt for her to think she's a Big Girl for a few minutes? It can't!

#1 - Let them help! At Grandma's house nothing is off-limits! From washing dishes (Lexi loved to wash dishes; Maddie loved to dust; Hannah like to wash things (walls, floors) down with a wet-wipe) to helping plant or tend the garden my grand-kids have built so many summer memories over the years. I have always let them have at it! Above one granddaughter helps her great-grandmother wash a large skillet, so cute! Neither one of them could lift the thing out of the sink! Memories last a lifetime! And memories help build some pretty awesome kids into pretty awesome adults.



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