I Once Had A Beach Cruiser

A long time ago I had this Schwinn Beach Cruiser extraordinaire. It was marvelous! Big balloon tires, handlebars that never stayed in place and a seat that sat pretty comfortably, when I was actually setting on it. A group of us girls ages 11-12 would fly around corners and speed down the streets of Mountain View, California. Honestly I don’t know how the neighborhoods stood us but we thought we owned the streets, and were, in fact, quite the bomb!

Today, the Beach cruiser bicycles might be considered “old school” or “vintage” along-side the newer hi-tech ones but I like old school and vintage and I wish I could still slide into the yard on mine. I loved that bike. In fact in 1982 when my second child, a daughter, wanted a Beach Cruiser of her own I jumped for joy. The bike had gained some of its popularity at that time and the fact that she wanted one brought back so many memories. Clear summer days of carefree roaming, ah, she was following in her mothers footprints, or foot pedal power. She made me proud. Chip off the old block, hey? You bet!

1960's Vintage Beach Cruiser

In a world of hi-tech gadgets and in my opinion overly complicated bicycles I wonder if there are any folks out there who’d appreciate riding a good vintage beach cruiser (like the one pictured above)? If you ever have the chance to get your hands on one I suggest that you get-your-hands-on-one and take a spin around the block. Do it for prosperity’s sake and do it for me.


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