Pass the Purple Hat: Bombeck, Ford and Edwards why I admire these three women

Erma Bombeck, Betty Ford and Elizabeth Edwards are three women I admired for their willingness to speak out publicly about private and personal issues.  During the years they lived in the public eye they were unafraid to speak openly and honestly about their public and private life, on issues like breast cancer, spousal infidelity, addictions. Not one of them sugar-coated a thing, and this, I think, is what I admired the most. I’ve always admired someone who is willing to call a ‘spade’ a ‘spade’ and not apologize for toe stepping. That, girls, is an attribute!

The fact that each woman possessed a pretty good internal bull-shit censor made them interesting and timely. The fact that they were not afraid to speak the truth about themselves even if the truth wasn’t all that flattering makes it okay to be human, okay to fall down, okay to ask for help to pick yourself up again. Their trail blazing approach gave me permission to be myself in-spite of myself.  Awareness. Acceptance. Redemption. Freedom. I owe you ladies. Thanks for simply being YOU. PASS THE PURPLE HAT! I accept it with grace and spunk!


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