The Little Nibbling Thief In My Neighborhood — A Halloween Story

Dastard little creature! A furry darling of unspecified gender and species, for I do not know if it is rabbit or squirrel, male or female who has nibbled its way through all six (6) of my ornamental corn cobs used in my Halloween yard display. I am so proud of that display. I hope the pumpkins are not next!

I have learned it is quite amazing as well as quite fun to watch a squirrel break kernels off the cobs and poke them into the ground around their habitat tree for a later wintery feast. I am not sure if rabbits do this as well. I do know my son Kevin caught a squirrel in the act one day while stealthy sitting on his second story balcony. He told me watching the squirrel was quite an experience. Both Kevin and I suspect my little thief is a squirrel and I truly wish I could be a witness when he or she snatches the one remaining kernel-ed cob but my little darling seems to be a thief in the night.


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