Speedy Gonzalez (aka: Earl the Cat)

Speedy Gonzalez – otherwise known as Earl the cat – whips around the house as if possessed! Dear poor Earl suffers a terrible loss of his mental capacity and understands less and less as days go by.

He is given to frightful visions due to ailing eyesight.

What was once his water bowl seems to have become, for Earl, a flying saucer about to take off. He creeps towards it. He stops. Crouches. Runs away!

Earl is challenged – to put it bluntly Earl the Cat is quite senile, bless his heart.

We continue to care for and love Earl in-spite of his constant need for special help. I know what others would do in this situation but we have not come to that yet! Perhaps we never will. How could you possibly? How could you given his love and friendship for going on fifteen years. No, we will continue to blend his wet food with warm water and provide his meal of ‘soup’ twice each day. We will continue to play “pick-up-paw” with his dry food. We will continue to hold him over the ‘flying saucer’ of water. We will continue to groom, pet and snuggle with him. This is the least we can do.

It would be funny if it was not so sad.


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